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Gastric Plication

What is Gastric Plication?

It is a minimally invasive weight-loss procedure that reduces the capacity of the stomach by
creating an internal fold. The stomach’s capacity is reduced by about 85%*.

How is the surgery performed?

The surgery is performed through few small incisions in the abdomen with a laparoscope
(key hole surgery). This method results in an easier and faster recovery, as well as less
scarring. The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia. During the procedure, the
stomach is folded in on itself and sutured to stop it from returning to its normal size.
Because your stomach remains intact, your body will fully absorb nutrients and the food you
eat will pass through your digestive tract in the usual way.

How does it work?

This is a restrictive surgical procedure. Due to the reduction in capacity, the intake of food
that is consumed in one sitting is reduced significantly. A client will realise they feel satiated
quicker. As a result, there will be a deficit in calorific intake, leading to weight-loss.
Who is a good candidate for a Gastric Plication?
- BMI is 35 or higher and the client is willing to change lifestyle and follow post-
operative recommendations accordingly.


Most people lose weight over the first couple of years and reach their target weight.

People lose approximately 70% of their excess body weight but it may vary from 40% to
100%. The key to achieving greater weight loss and weight maintenance in long term is to
follow regular exercise and eating regime.

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